Our Story

Prop ’em Up™ Nursing Assist Pillows were born out of necessity in early 2014 shortly after Debora Clarke gave birth to her daughter.

The 15 times a day Debora breastfed her newborn daughter, during and afterward, she experienced back pain, as well as shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain.

Debora needed to manually hold her baby’s head and body up even with her baby laying on top of a larger nursing pillow each time she breastfed in order to be able to breastfeed successfully. She also had to lean her shoulders forward in a slouch to get closer to the baby and had to be in awkward positions for extended periods of time. Debora thought there had to be an easier way to breastfeed.

It seemed like it was almost common knowledge that a larger nursing pillow on its own should be all a new mom needed to help out with breastfeeding, however the reality was this simply wasn’t the case for Debora as well as many of her other breastfeeding mom friends who had thrown away their larger nursing pillows out of frustration.

She tried everything to “prop the baby up” closer to her breasts, but nothing consistently helped out the same way twice. Not wanting to give up breastfeeding due to discomfort, Debora continued to search for a more comfortable way to breastfeed.

One day, around this time, like a “happy accident” Debora noticed a tiny unusually sized pillow sitting on the couch that her sister hand-made for her as a gift years prior. For years, Debora had no practical use for this tiny pillow other than she kept it on the couch as a fond memory of her sister who lived far away. That day, however, Debora looked at the pillow her sister made for her in a very different way.

The next time Debora went to breastfeed her baby she tried it out. It amazingly made breastfeeding so much more easy and comfortable! She used this pillow every time she breastfed, even in the side-lying position, and never left home without it!

Debora and her sister then designed what did not yet exist, a smaller nursing assist pillow in different sizes that was to work with a baby’s head and body to bring the baby closer to mom’s breast for an easier latch with less needing to hunch over, creating a set-up where a breastfeeding mom could breastfeed hands-free! Prop ’em Up™ mini nursing assist pillows were born!

When word spread, Debora’s breastfeeding new mom friends wanted to try out the Prop ’em Ups™ and they loved the little pillows for extra breastfeeding support. Word spread further and many reputable Internationally board certified lactation consultants began using the Prop ’em Up™ nursing assist pillows with their new breastfeeding mom clients as well!

Since the birth of the original Prop ’em Up™ mini nursing assist pillows, Prop ’em Up™ by Breastfeeding Baby Comfortably™ is now loved by many new breastfeeding moms as well as lactation consultants, post-partum doulas, breastfeeding specialists, and pediatric dentists who perform laser frenulectomies on newborns, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals. Our different styles and sizing options are designed with breastfeeding babies and new moms’ needs in mind. Every breastfeeding mom deserves to breastfeed comfortably and in style with a Prop ’em Up™!

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